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The human rights consequences of the war on drugs in the Philippines

Since it first went online in , Drug War Facts provides reliable information with applicable citations on important public health and criminal justice issues related to drug policy and the failed drug war. It expands constantly and is updated continuously. Most charts, facts and figures are from government sources, government-sponsored sources, peer reviewed journals and occasionally newspapers. In all cases the source is cited so that journalists, scholars and students can verify, check context and obtain additional information.

Our mission is to offer useful facts, cited from authoritative sources, to a debate that is often characterized by myths, error, emotion and dissembling. We believe that in time an informed society will correct its errors and generate wiser policies.

This ‘war’ refers to the drug policy of the Philippine government, aimed drug-​war data source, the PNP, had reported on the same dates or for.

On August 2, , Vanda Felbab-Brown submitted a statement for the record for the House Foreign Affairs Committee on the human rights consequences of the war on drugs in the Philippines. Read her full statement below. However, as an independent think tank, the Brookings Institution does not take institutional positions on any issue. Resulting in egregious and large-scale violations of human rights, it amounts to state-sanctioned murder.

It is also counterproductive for countering the threats and harms that the illegal drug trade and use pose to society — exacerbating both problems while profoundly shredding the social fabric and rule of law in the Philippines. The United States and the international community must condemn and sanction the government of the Philippines for its conduct of the war on drugs. With his explicit calls for police to kill drug users and dealers 2 and the vigilante purges Duterte ordered of neighborhoods, 3 almost people accused of drug dealing or drug use were killed in the Philippines in the first year of his government — about one third by police in anti-drug operations.

A Reuters investigation revealed that police officers were killing some 97 percent of drug suspects during police raids, 6 an extraordinarily high number and one that many times surpasses accountable police practices. That is hardly surprising, as police officers are not paid any cash rewards for merely arresting suspects.

Both police officers and members of neighborhood councils are afraid not to participate in the killing policies, fearing that if they fail to comply they will be put on the kill lists themselves. Similarly, there is widespread suspicion among human rights groups and monitors, 7 reported in regularly in the international press, that the police back and encourage the other extrajudicial killings — with police officers paying assassins or posing as vigilante groups.

Duterte’s War: Drug-Related Violence in the Philippines

Nationwide, communities face an unprecedented rise in substance misuse fatalities. A record 63, overdose deaths were recorded in , two-thirds of which involved opioids. But an increasing number of cities are bucking the trend and adopting models that treat substance misuse as a disease, not a crime. Instead of criminalizing substance use disorders, communities are focusing on saving lives and reducing the harmful effects of drug use.

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Make Your Own List. Everything we have been told about drugs and drug addiction and how society should deal with them is wrong, says the British author and journalist Johann Hari. He chooses the best books on the War on Drugs. Interview by Nigel Warburton. The war on drugs is a government policy that began exactly a hundred years ago in the United States and Britain. Why did we go to war against drug users and addicts a hundred years ago?

What, in practice, are the alternatives? What really causes drug use and drug addiction? Part of the problem, I felt, is that the way we discuss these issues is overly abstract, as if we are at a philosophy seminar discussing how the world should be.

Timeline: America’s War on Drugs

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To date, 30 states and the District of Columbia have liberalized their marijuana laws to some degree, and a majority of states have recognized.

The campaign has resulted in the deaths of thousands of Filipinos, largely the urban poor Human Rights Watch, Second, publicly available data represent only a small portion of the total extent of the war on drugs, which in turn indicate that the official death toll is likely a vast underestimate of the total human cost of this war.

State links to violence What has elicited international condemnation is the way in which violence in the Philippines has been supported by the government. The Philippine National Police PNP is responsible for many of the executions, and is accused of planting guns and evidence next to drug suspects they have executed Human Rights Watch, ; Reuters, This has resulted in the targeting of suspects by anti-drug vigilantes, seemingly emboldened by the current climate. Such accusations are supported by the in-tandem rise and fall of violence perpetrated by the state and anti-drug vigilantes.

The graph below shows nearly simultaneous cycles of drug violence perpetrated by state and non-state actors. Anti-drug vigilantes and state forces each perpetrate roughly equal shares of the violence, and the activity of each appears largely responsive to changes in government policy. This responsiveness indicates a level of government control over supposedly unofficial armed agents.

Beyond marijuana legalization: ending the war on drugs and meeting social equity promises

Every week, we tell you about an album we think you need to spend time with. Adam Granduciel is a rare musician, striving to be an old school rockstar yet hyper-focused on gear, sound, and the technical aspects of production. His music with the War on Drugs is immensely crisp, with each sound that comes across headphones or speakers focused upon with careful detail and intensely labored over.

On stage, Granduciel rocks skin tight jeans and sports hair that reaches his biceps.

The War on Drugs is an American rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, formed in Jenkins, Mark (October 24, ). “Review | The War on Drugs​: Layers, textures and an up-to-date take on psychedelic rock”. The Washington.

Fans of the band across the world will now have a chance to catch them live, as the War On Drugs have announced a tour that will take them though Australia, the U. There are several festival stops including Coachella , Shaky Knees in the U. Frontman Adam Granduciel and company start this run of shows Feb. Check out the full list of dates on the War On Drugs’ website. Have A Google Home Device? Never one to disappoint creatively, Heap’s latest endeavor is also one of her most ambitious.

The War On Drugs add extra dates to 2015 UK tour

Official websites use. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. This product highlights significant findings regarding various drug trends since last reported in The primary drug threats identified in Delaware are illicit opioids, cocaine, controlled prescription drugs, and methamphetamine. The determination of drug threats in Delaware considers a variety of factors including: availability, threat to public health, community impact, attendant crime, enforcement activity, seizures, drug abuse and treatment statistics, and propensity for abuse.

The PFD Intelligence Program analyzed the following indicators in this assessment: illicit and controlled prescription drug availability; drug prices and purity; and fatal drug-related overdose data.

More than persons have been killed in the Philippine Drug War to date, and President Duterte said that he would be “happy to slaughter” three million.

Pritzker and officials including State Rep. Christian Mitchell hold a press conference at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse in Chicago after Foxx filed motions to vacate more than 1, low-level cannabis convictions on Dec. With the legalization of cannabis on Jan. A decades-long concern for many social justice activists, the issue has gone mainstream in the last few years, part of a growing consensus around criminal justice reform.

Chicago decriminalized possession of small amounts of cannabis in , making it a civil offense punishable by a fine, and Illinois followed suit in But as recent confusion and contention in Chicago over the terms of legalization show, legalization remains controversial. And we still have a long way to go in ending the war on drugs. Those include expungement provisions that make relief possible for hundreds of thousands of people, extensive efforts to promote diversity in the cannabis industry, and a fund to ensure revenues from the new legal industry go to communities most harmed by prohibition.

The next day Mayor Lori Lightfoot walked that back, issuing a statement saying such activities would not in fact be targeted by police. Enforcement of the new law could evolve as cannabis gains cultural acceptance. Racial disparities in enforcement will be a key issue to watch, he said. African Americans were arrested at far higher rates than whites when cannabis was illegal, and after decriminalization, those racial disparities persisted in tickets issued by police.

Just What Is So Wrong With the War on Drugs?

Join Songkick to track The War on Drugs and get concert alerts when they play near you. View all past concerts. Both had similar interests and had especially connected through their appreciation of Bob Dylan. This led to the two, recording, writing and even performing together.

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On August 2, President Franklin D. While the law was overturned by the Supreme Court and was officially repealed by Congress in , Congress passed the Controlled Substances Act simultaneously — thus ensuring that marijuana remained illegal. The prohibition continues to this day at the federal level, though a growing numbers of states have chosen to legalize marijuana for medical or recreational uses. In the early decades of the s, many states enacted laws restricting the use of cannabis the plant the drug comes from for medical and recreational purposes in order to prevent addiction.

By the s, every state had adopted uniform regulations that were aimed at controlling marijuana. The U. They lose their sense of place. They have an increased feeling of physical strength and power. Some people will fly into a delirious rage, and they are temporarily irresponsible and may commit violent crimes. Other people will laugh uncontrollably. It is impossible to say what the effect will be on any individual. Aside from raising concerns about the effects of marijuana, Anslinger stoked cultural fears by citing several instances of minorities using the drug before committing crimes , leading some to allege that racial bias played a role in its prohibition.

On This Date: FDR Made Marijuana Illegal 81 Years Ago

Jump to navigation Skip navigation. June marks the 40th anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s declaration of a “war on drugs” — a war that has cost roughly a trillion dollars, has produced little to no effect on the supply of or demand for drugs in the United States, and has contributed to making America the world’s largest incarcerator. Throughout the month, check back daily for posts about the drug war, its victims and what needs to be done to restore fairness and create effective policy.

All our lives we have been taught that when someone uses or sells drugs, justice dictates that he or she should go to prison.

The War On Drugs!! Top Band Top ence! 1st time at the TWOD in at Sheffield before Lost in the Dream really.

Often an artist will feel pressures of taking risks and simply repeat the exact sounds that made them popular in the first place. Other times, the fear of crumbling under the high expectations creates a flop of an album. Yet the band still sounds fresh in great help to lush synths and spotless production throughout the record. The song continues to gain momentum before coming to its full anthemic glory as booming drums enter.

In many ways, frontman Adam Granduciel is essential to the War on Drugs. He writes all of the songs, produces and masters the album and plays most of the instruments. The band romps through the record with a new clearness to its sound they have never had before. There is no wasted sound on the record. Log In. Keep it Clean. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually-oriented language. Don’t Threaten. Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated.