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List of prime ministers of Nepal

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Prime Minister’s staff, Prime Minister’s cabinet official (ep.4,6), Chairman Choe Min-Heon man with Lee Jong-In (ep.6), government official (ep.6), Deputy Prime Minister (ep.6,13), military official (ep.6), reporter (ep) Date, Episode, AGB.

Since Ukrainian independence from the Soviet Union in , there have been sixteen prime ministers, [3] or twenty, counting acting PMs. Yulia Tymoshenko was the first woman appointed prime minister in history of Ukraine. Arseniy Yatsenyuk was the first prime minister who came from Western Ukraine. The current prime minister is Denys Shmyhal who was sworn in on 4 March The prime minister is appointed by the president with the consent of the Verkhovna Rada.

The consent is deemed granted by the parliament when a simple majority of its constitutional membership votes in favour of the candidate nominated by the president. The highest parliamentary approval to date was received by Yulia Tymoshenko who was appointed the prime minister on February 4, , with votes in the Verkhovna Rada. Other prime ministers who received more than votes were Arseniy Yatsenyuk , Yatsenyuk again in [5] Vitold Fokin , and Leonid Kuchma The procedure of granting consent by the parliament is usually preceded by several days of comprehensive consultations and interviews of the candidate by the parliamentary factions.

The approval by the legislature is not a mere formality. Some candidates were ratified by a narrow margin and a candidate may be turned down. For instance, in , Valeriy Pustovoitenko fell three votes short of being re-confirmed after he tendered his resignation at the second inauguration of President Leonid Kuchma in Kuchma chose Viktor Yushchenko as his alternative candidate.

Another example is the approval of Yuriy Yekhanurov ‘s candidacy he fell three votes short of approval, but was confirmed on the second attempt two days later.

List of current prime ministers by date of assumption of office

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Prime Minister of Croatia

The prime minister of the United Kingdom informally abbreviated to PM is the head of government of the United Kingdom. The prime minister directs both the executive and the legislature , and together with their Cabinet is accountable to the monarch , to Parliament , to their party , and ultimately to the electorate , for the government ‘s policies and actions. The office of Prime Minister is not established by any statute or constitutional document but exists only by long-established convention , whereby the reigning monarch appoints as prime minister the person most likely to command the confidence of the House of Commons ; [5] this individual is typically the leader of the political party or coalition of parties that holds the largest number of seats in that chamber.

The position of Prime Minister was not created; it evolved slowly and organically over three hundred years due to numerous Acts of Parliament , political developments, and accidents of history.

He was the Chief Executive of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet from to Find more prominent pieces of history painting at Wikiart. Today, she is mainly remembered for a legend dating back at least to the 13th.

According to the Constitution, the president of Poland nominates and appoints the prime minister, who will then propose the composition of the cabinet. The current and seventeenth prime minister is Mateusz Morawiecki of the Law and Justice party. Near the end of the First World War , an assortment of groups contested to proclaim an independent Polish state. The Small Constitution of outlined Poland’s form of government, with a democratically elected Sejm , a prime minister and cabinet, and an executive branch.

Modeled after the Third French Republic , the March Constitution entrusted decision-making exclusively within the lower-house Sejm. Deriving authority from the powerful Sejm, the prime minister and the council of ministers, in theory, faced few constitutional barriers from the presidency to pass and proceed with legislation.

Prime Minister of Bulgaria

This is a list of the prime ministers and other heads of government of the Kingdom of Nepal and later Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. At the time of the Shah dynasty , the Mulkajis Chief Kajis or Chautariyas served the function of prime ministers in a council of 4 Chautariyas, 4 Kajis, and sundry officers. These Bharadars officers were drawn from high caste and politically influential families such as Pande dynasty , Basnyat dynasty , Thapa dynasty , etc.

The nobility of Gorkha was mainly based from Chhetri families and they had a strong presence in civil administration affairs. In , a single authoritative position of Mukhtiyar was created by Rana Bahadur Shah which carried the executive powers of nation.

The first figure is the number of days between date of birth and date of death, allowing for leap days; in parentheses the same period given in years and days, with.

Before the creation of the modern office, the kingdom did not initially have a head of government separate from its head of state, namely the monarch , in whom the executive authority was vested. The Constitution of established a constitutional monarchy by limiting the powers of the monarch and creating the office of premierminister. The inaugural holder of the office was Adam Wilhelm Moltke.

The prime minister presides over a cabinet that is formally appointed by the monarch. In practice, the appointment of the prime minister is determined by his or her support in the Folketing the National Parliament. Since the beginning of the 20th century, no single party has held a majority in the Folketing so the prime minister must head a coalition of political parties, as well as his or her own party.

Additionally, only four coalition governments since World War II have enjoyed a majority in the Folketing, so the coalitions and the prime minister must also gain loose support from other minor parties.

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

This is a list of current prime ministers of the world’s sovereign states by the date they took office, from the earliest to the latest. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. The Economist. The Japan Times Online.

The prime minister of the United Kingdom (informally abbreviated to PM) is the head of Because the premiership was not intentionally created, there is no exact date when its evolution began. A meaningful starting point, however, is –

A prime minister is the head of the cabinet and the leader of the ministers in the executive branch of government , often in a parliamentary or semi-presidential system. A prime minister is not the head of state of their respective state nor a monarch, rather they are the head of government , serving typically under a monarch in a hybrid of aristocratic and democratic government forms or a president in a republican form of government.

In parliamentary systems fashioned after the Westminster system , the prime minister is the presiding and actual head of government and head of the executive branch. In such systems, the head of state or their official representative e. In many systems, the prime minister selects and may dismiss other members of the cabinet, and allocates posts to members within the government.

In most systems, the prime minister is the presiding member and chairman of the cabinet. In a minority of systems, notably in semi-presidential systems of government, a prime minister is the official who is appointed to manage the civil service and execute the directives of the head of state. The prime minister is often, but not always, a member of the Legislature or the Lower House thereof and is expected with other ministers to ensure the passage of bills through the legislature.

In some monarchies the monarch may also exercise executive powers known as the royal prerogative that are constitutionally vested in the crown and may be exercised without the approval of parliament.

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Thatcher, Margaret Statecraft: Strategies for a Changing World. New York: HarperCollins.

The president of the Council of Ministers (Polish: Prezes Rady Ministrów), colloquially referred To date, three women, Hanna Suchocka, Ewa Kopacz and Beata Szydło, have served as premier. Suchocka, along with Tadeusz Mazowiecki and.

The prime minister is the head of government of New Zealand, and the leader of the Cabinet of New Zealand , with various powers and responsibilities defined by convention. Officially, the prime minister is appointed by the governor-general of New Zealand , but by convention, the prime minister must have the confidence of the elected New Zealand House of Representatives. The prime minister is always a member of Parliament , and is usually the leader of the largest political party in the House.

This list includes individuals who held the titles of colonial secretary and premier, the direct predecessors to the modern office. The title of the office was formally changed to “premier” in , and then to “prime minister” in when New Zealand was granted Dominion status in the British Empire. Forty individuals have so far held the premiership, [1] [2] not including acting prime ministers.

Henry Sewell is regarded as New Zealand’s first premier, serving in May The longest single term in office was that of Richard Seddon , who held the position for thirteen years between and The parties shown are those to which the Prime Ministers belonged at the time they held office and the electoral districts shown are those they represented while in office.

List of prime ministers of Sweden

This is a list of the heads of government of the modern Bulgarian state, from the establishment of the Principality of Bulgaria to the present day. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

This is a list of French Prime Ministers by age, including when they were born, what age they Prime Minister, Date of birth, Start date of (first) term, Age at beginning of (first) term, End date of (final) term, Total time in office, Date of death.

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List of prime ministers of the Czech Republic

This is a list of Prime Ministers of the Czech Republic , a political office that was created in following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. The Czech Republic is a parliamentary representative democracy , with the Prime Minister acting as head of government and the President acting as head of state. From 1 January after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Statistics (including Swedish Prime Ministers during the Swedish-Norwegian union)[edit]. #, Prime Minister, Spells, Date of birth, Age at ascension (first term), Time.

There is no specific date for when the office of prime minister first appeared, as the role was not created but rather evolved over a period of time through a merger of duties. Walpole is also the longest-serving British prime minister by this definition. Due to the gradual evolution of the post of prime minister, the title is applied to early prime ministers only retrospectively; [13] this has sometimes given rise to academic dispute.

Lord Bath and Lord Waldegrave are sometimes listed as prime ministers. Neither was able to command sufficient parliamentary support to form a government; Bath stepped down after two days, [14] and Waldegrave after three. By the late Stuart period , the Treasury was often run not by a single individual, i.

After the succession of George I in , the arrangement of a commission of Lords of the Treasury as opposed to a single Lord High Treasurer became permanent. It was not until the Edwardian era that the title prime minister was constitutionally recognised.

[Episode 5 Part 1/2] Yoon Shi Yoon & Im Yoona (Prime Minister and I) English Sub